Life can be very confusing December 28, 2020 – Posted in: Sin categoría

By Sole Jewell BACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist, CBT and Life Coach.

We are living in a very confusing time. From a very young age, we have been told how to live, how to think, how to behave and how to talk. The list goes on and is practically endless.

We teach and encourage our children to talk, but we spend most of their childhood telling them to be quiet. We teach our children to have manners but imply that if you want something from me you have to be nice. Can we call it bribery, or insincere platitude? It’s ironic.

Maybe, we need to slow down and take time for ourselves. You cannot pour from an empty glass. If you could see the whole world through a window, you would see very confusing messages from everyone including what is happening around the world at present. “Go to work, don’t go to work”, “Be good but don’t be so good”.

Sometimes, I feel the world around us is creating so much anxiety, providing insecure places to live. It feels like we are not being encouraged to use our brains and make the right decisions which allow us to have more choices in life.

We live on a planet where we have been told that we have freedom and choices. Still, if you think for yourself, you became a danger to others, and this is not acceptable. So, where is the autonomy to think and make the correct decisions with this pandemic?

I heard lately that we have to wear a mask at home. I am sure there is a horrible virus out there, but we are also not being given the right to make our own choices on how to live, to think, to talk and make the right decisions.

All of these rights have been taken away. I can see children in the street having arguments with other children about their safety, their parents and grandparents telling them to be alert all the time. They don’t play with friends, and they don’t want to leave their homes because they are protecting their parents and grandparents.

They are becoming the protectors and not enjoying their childhood. This is not a positive experience in a child’s life. I sincerely believe that when they become adults, they will regress to their childhood because they were not able to do what they were meant to be doing at their age. It’s so very sad.

People are beginning not to trust, they are becoming angry with the world because they don’t know what to do anymore.

So, we regress to an earlier age when we were told how to live but, on this occasion, our parents are not there to answer our questions.

The desire for money, power and control is getting out of balance. We are seeking solutions to maintain and preserve our mental health all the time because, on top of any personal difficulties we may have, we are now dealing with something that is entirely out of our control.

Life has changed, but also, we need to start thinking about how we want to move on with our lives and to feel safe again. Just as children need to play, we need to use the rational part of our minds. We can do this by not listening to the radio, media and sensationalistic journalism designed to spread fear and insecurity. 

Choose your friends and family. If you hang around with people that are telling you what to do, your life is likely to be filled with anger and negative attitudes. If you surround yourself with people that are inspiring and positive, you might be able to make more positive choices, whether they be about your life, the way you live it, or the virus.

You can make your own decisions and choices. You can become empowered.